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The Differences Between SSI And SSDI Benefits

When a severe injury or illness leaves someone with a major disability, benefits like Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) may be the only income source these people can receive to provide for themselves. It can be hard to know who can qualify for these benefits or how to do it.

Here at Disability Attorney Services, we have decades of experience in helping clients apply for these benefits and fight any appeals that may occur. Before you begin your applications, here is what you should know about these benefits:

Supplemental Security Income

For either of these benefits, the government has restrictions on who can apply for them. For Supplemental Security Income, an applicant needs to be one of the following three statuses:

  • An adult who has a disability or is blind
  • A disabled child
  • Someone over the age of 65

Social Security Disability Insurance

This benefit is contingent on whether or not the applicant held jobs that Social Security covered. From there, the applicant also needs to have an illness or injury that qualifies for Social Security’s benefits. These benefits often last until the applicant can regularly work again.

Do You Qualify?

While an applicant can qualify for both of these benefits simultaneously, the applicant still needs to prove their disability. It is not enough for a doctor to recognize your disability; you also need to meet Social Security’s disability definition.

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