Should Disability Issues Have Higher Priority?

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Should Disability Issues Have Higher Priority?

If you have a disability, the one thing that you’re going to want is for others to take your disability seriously. Disability issues should be more important, even with all the changes that are going on in America right now.

Disability issues should have a higher priority for a few reasons. First, the disability community is a large community, not a small special interest. Second, disabled voters cut across party lines, so anyone running the country should be interested in making sure those with disabilities get the help they need. Finally, the government does have the ability to take steps to significantly improve the lives of those with disabilities.

The disability community matters

The main reason that disability issues should have a higher priority is because the people in this community matter. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that over 61 million people in America have a disability of some kind. Broken down into more casual terms, around one in four adults have a disability that impacts their ability to work. This is a substantial portion of the population and one that should not be ignored at any cost.

Disabled voters count

People with disabilities are found in all parts of the political spectrum. In 2021, it’s only now that voters with disabilities are beginning to ask questions and to look at what candidates say about helping people in their situations. The community is becoming more vocal, so it’s important to listen to what it has to say.

The government has options

The government does have options to help improve the lives of those who are living with disabilities. The government can:

·       Make safety net programs, which include programs such as Supplemental Security Income and Social Security Disability, more generous

·       Include more people with disabilities in the government

·       Offer complete health care that can’t be lost because of a disability

By making changes in society, those with disabilities can have better lives. Whether that means listening to their concerns, adapting safety net programs or spending more time talking to voters with disabilities, it’s possible to improve communication on these issues. Disability issues should have a higher priority for the betterment of the country.

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