New mobility suit targets Parkinson’s, cerebral palsy and more

New mobility suit targets Parkinson’s, cerebral palsy and more

Parkinson’s is a complicated disease that can be fatal, but that also usually allows patients to live for years as the disease slowly moves into more severe symptoms. These symptoms include shakes and tremors, which mean that someone with Parkinson’s may be disabled for a long time while battling the disease, even while taking modern medicine aimed at slowing the progression.


To help, a designer from Sweden has created a new suit aimed at reducing tremors and increasing mobility. Reports indicate that it may also help with conditions like cerebral palsy or strokes, which can also limit mobility for patients.


How does it work?


The suit uses electronic stimulation. There are 58 different electrodes. They cover the body and allow for stimulation to be targeted at specific areas.


For instance, say someone’s bicep becomes overly tense. The solution to get it to relax is to stimulate the corresponding tricep, on the other side of the arm. The suit can do this through electrostimulation when the body does not do it naturally.


This process is known as functional electrical stimulation (FES). It focuses on complementary actions that can aid in movement.


Will this change the future?


These reports are very new, so it remains to be seen how effective the suit is or whether or not it really gives people the relief they are looking for. But it also shows that the future is bright as technology continues to develop. Those who are suffering from conditions leading to a disability may want to keep an eye on this progress, along with their own legal options moving forward.


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