Medical advancements in managing osteoarthritis

Medical advancements in managing osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a type of joint disorder characterized by the wearing out of the cartilage within the body joints. This results in pain, stiffness, or swelling around the joints, making it impossible or difficult for one to walk or stand for long periods. Generally, any joint movement is restricted for people with osteoarthritis.

While there is no cure for the condition, medical advancements have made it easier to manage osteoarthritis and slow its progression.

Recent developments in treating the condition

With millions affected by osteoarthritis throughout the country, researchers are always developing new ways of dealing with the condition. Some of these treatment methods are discussed below.

  •         The use of anabolic drugs to propagate cartilage repair or production
  •         Stem cell therapy
  •         Alterations in the bone structure such as therapies with bisphosphonates or medicines that target bone cells
  •         Treatments that focus on inflammatory mediators and pathways
  •         New and more effective pain management

When osteoarthritis becomes a disability

Osteoarthritis can get severe and impede you from carrying out your duties as usual. However, a diagnosis is not considered an outright disability by the Social Security Administration. Instead, you must show how your condition prevents you from carrying out regular work duties.

For instance, if you can’t carry heavy loads or type, which were routine tasks in your job, your osteoarthritis may be considered a disability which means that you are eligible for benefits.

Navigating the application process

Filing disability benefits is not a walk in the park. Most applications get rejected in their initial application, which is why you need to be adequately prepared before embarking on the process. While proper documentation is key, being aware of what to expect in your application process will increase the likelihood of a desirable outcome. Disability benefits will secure your financial future as you focus on recovery and managing your condition.






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