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Disability Benefit Questions

If you are trying to earn disability benefits for your illness or injury, it may not be a surprise to learn how many questions you may have along the way. Here at Disability Attorney Services, we want to impart some of our extensive knowledge of the matter by answering some common questions about a disability benefits application.

What Are The Chances That My Claim Will Be Denied?

Receiving a denial for your application may seem like a big deal, but it is far more common than you may expect. Statistically, the first application has a 67% denial rate. Additionally, the first appeal has an 87% denial rate.

What Are The Common Reasons For Claims Being Denied?

Any type of mistake can be enough to cause the Social Security Administration to deny your application. Common examples of a mistake include improperly filling out forms, insufficient evidence, inconsistent treatment history and not working with the SSA’s requests.

Can A Denied Claim Be Overcome?

It is possible to fight an application denial. After the first denial, an applicant can pursue a request for reconsideration. If the SSA denies that claim, you and your attorney can appear before an administrative law judge (ALJ). If denials continue, you can escalate the matter to the Social Security Appeals Council and then file a lawsuit with the federal district court.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire An Attorney To Help?

Paying an attorney for help with a Social Security Disability application is a bit different than other legal matters. In these matters, lawyers often do not charge upfront costs. Instead, they simply collect 25% of any back pay from disabilities benefits that you may earn, up to a maximum of $6,000.

Do I Have To Apply For Social Security Disability Benefits On My Own?

One of the biggest mistakes that someone can make while applying is not seeking the help of an experienced attorney. Some lawyers will only step in to help after your first application denial, but here, we are eager to help you with your initial application. We can help you fill out your application so that you do not leave out any necessary information in your initial application to reduce the chances of a denial.

If you are looking for an attorney to help you with your disability benefit application, contact our Charlotte office today. Call us at 888-683-8437 or email us here to schedule your free initial consultation to begin fighting for the benefits you need.