Does complex regional pain syndrome qualify for SSD?

Does complex regional pain syndrome qualify for SSD?

Complex regional pain syndrome is a chronic pain that develops after an injury, surgery or heart attack. The exact cause is not well known, but it may involve abnormal inflammation or nerve dysfunction. 

Unfortunately, victims have to live with CPRS as there is presently no cure. There are also no specific tests that diagnose complex regional pain syndrome. However, impairment can be established by medical evidence consisting of signs and symptoms.

What makes CRPS debilitating?

With complex regional pain syndrome, victims will usually have intense pain in one or more extremities. For instance, if the pain is on your hand, you may find it difficult to execute tasks that need your hands, like carrying luggage or even typing. Therefore, you might have difficulty engaging in any meaningful work without constant interruption from the pain.

It is important to seek medical attention

While many people may resort to self-medication with painkillers to manage the condition, getting consistent treatment for CRPS is highly advisable. It is not only in the best interest of your health, but it will help strengthen the credibility of your statements regarding the extent and frequency of your pain. This can make your claim for disability benefits more compelling.

Dealing with chronic pain is difficult by itself. It may seem overwhelming to navigate the Social Security Disability process for victims, but with the right information, you can have it easy. By learning the different aspects of the law that may come to play, you will increase the likelihood of a desirable outcome for your case.


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