Could you be denied Social Security Disability benefits?

Could you be denied Social Security Disability benefits?

Many people across the country rely on regular work to provide for their loved ones and maintain their lifestyle. Unfortunately, injuries and disabilities can often make this impossible.

Frequently, the provisions in place that may offer financial security to those with disabilities are often temporary. As a result, social security disability benefits may then be the most viable option.

Sadly, applications for disability payments are denied on a regular basis. In fact, the Social Security Administration denies as many as 50% of first time applicants in North Carolina.

Why are Social Security Disability benefits denied?

There are numerous reasons why social security disability benefits may be denied to residents in North Carolina. Common justifications include that the applicant failed to provide adequate medical evidence or they had failed to follow the instructions of a doctor. Additionally, the Social Security Administration may not have been granted full access to your medical records which prevented them from making an accurate assessment.

What options are there if benefits have been denied?

There are routes of appeal in the event that your benefits are denied. However, the process can be time-consuming and there are strict deadlines to adhere to. Being unable to work can be worrisome for those faced with disabilities. Social security disability benefits are a means of providing financial security as well as peace of mind.

If you are unable to work because of injury or disability, it is important to be aware of the financial assistance that could be available to you. If your claim for social security disability benefits has been denied, there may be legal options available to you.


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