Could transcendental meditation provide hope for PTSD patients?

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Could transcendental meditation provide hope for PTSD patients?

Many traumatic events may lead someone to develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), whether it’s domestic abuse, a sexual assault, workplace violence, someone’s tragic passing or some other stressful event. 

Treatment options available to PTSD patients have involved psychotropic drugs and mental health counseling. One research study recently published in the Journal of Traumatic Stress, however, suggests that Transcendental Meditation (TM) may be an effective approach for helping PTSD patients manage.

What benefits does transcendental meditation have on PTSD?

While many followers have long lauded TM’s benefits for people with PTSD, few researchers have studied it until recently. Researchers from New York University, Northwell Health and Maharishi International University determined that many existing treatments for PTSD require patients to recall some of their traumatic memories. They note that isn’t necessary when employing TM. 

The study’s researchers note that most individuals who have PTSD often struggle most with the stress invokes by recalling their past traumas. They note that TM appears to aid individuals with managing their physiological responses to these stressors in ways that existing treatment options cannot. The researchers note that TM reduces hyperarousal, enhances resilience and gives way to positive coping strategies.

Study researchers had their study participants fill out questionnaires regarding their symptomatology. They reported a reduction in PTSD symptoms along with anxiety and depression, although it had little effect on their anger. The researchers argue that TM may be an effective evidence-based therapy technique for individuals to employ in helping treat their PTSD symptoms when delving back into past stressful situations.

Getting help if you’re suffering from PTSD

PTSD can be deeply disabling. Your sleep may be interrupted by night terrors. Flashbacks of the trauma you’ve endured may disrupt your day. You may find yourself plagued by depression, anxiety and anger. All of this may impact your daily functioning, including your ability to remain gainfully employed. 

Fortunately, you may be eligible for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits if your mental health condition if you’re struggling with a chronic condition such as PTSD. An attorney can go over the eligibility requirements for disability benefits if you haven’t yet found a solution to treat your concerns. 

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