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Gary Brown

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Gary Brown is a board-licensed attorney specializing in Social Security (SSD) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefit claims.

Over the course of the past 10 years, Brown has represented thousands of clients to help them obtain the benefits they rightfully deserve.

Attorney Brown prides himself on being personally available to speak with clients to answer any and all questions they may have concerning their disability claim to give each and every case the personal attention it deserves.

When the time comes to be represented at your Social Security Disability hearing, Attorney Brown will be prepared to advocate on your behalf for the maximum benefits available to you under the law.

Attorney Brown’s professionalism and strong relationships with Social Security judges will ensure the highest degree of success in each and every case.

To learn more about Social Security benefits you may be entitled to, please contact our office for a free legal consultation. Attorney Brown will evaluate your case at no cost and discuss your eligibility to file a claim and/or handle your appeal from a denial.

If for some reason, it is a legal matter he is unable to assist with, he will happily refer you to his trusted network of attorney colleagues.

Practice Areas

  • Social Security Disability