3 tips you can use when applying for disability

3 tips you can use when applying for disability

Realizing that you have a disability that will prevent you from working again is disheartening. People who are in this position often wish they could go back to earning a meaningful living. One thing that often weighs heavily on these individuals is how they will make ends meet. 

Social Security Disability Insurance is one option. If you’re approved for benefits, you will receive some replacement income and access to important medical benefits. However, getting approved for benefits is notoriously difficult. Here are some tips that can help you gain approval:

#1: Include a statement from your doctor

A statement from your doctor that notes you’re unable to do any work at all can be beneficial for a disability application. It can back up the information in your medical records that the Social Security Administration receives and help tip the scales in your favor.

#2: Gather a medication list

The basis of your inability to work might stem partially from your medications. Make note of the side effects you experience from each one so that information is readily available. Explaining how your medications affect you can help the agency better understand the way your condition is limiting.

#3: Prepare for the long haul

SSDI applications don’t work through the system quickly. You can expect to wait months on a reply, so be prepared for a wait. During that time, make sure you continue to seek appropriate treatment, follow any instructions you receive from the Social Security Administration and keep your medical records updated.

If you’re applying for Social Security disability insurance payments, be sure that you understand your rights and responsibilities. One of the best things you can do is to ensure that you completely fill out the application and provide as much information as possible about your disability. These cases typically take a while to work through the system, so it’s not a quick fix. Working with someone who’s familiar with these matters may be beneficial since they can look over everything and help you if you have to appeal a denial.


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