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Charlotte, NC Disability Attorney Gary Brown is NOSSCR Certified

Disability Attorney Gary Brown is NOSSCR Certified


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Social Security Disability Attorney

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. By telephone.
  2. In person at a local Social Security office.
  3. Through the Internet.

To apply by phone or in person, call 1-800- 772-1213 to schedule an appointment.

If you want to use the Internet to apply, go to

Call For More Information: (980) 277-5172

  1. A Social Security Benefit Application.
  2. An Authorization to Disclose Medical Records.
  3. An Adult Disability Report.

Call For More Information: (980) 277-5172

(1) Give SSA all the information it asks for in a straightforward way. Be truthful.

(2) When you complete the Disability Report explain how your medical impairment keeps you from working.

(3) Contact a qualified disability attorney as soon as possible. Call Attorney Gary Brown today for a free consultation.
(980) 277-5172

If you are working, the best time to apply is as soon as possible after you stop working. If you have an obvious long-term disability and are unable to work, the best time to apply is as soon as possible.

Call For More Information: (980) 277-5172

The length of time it takes to receive a decision on your disability claim is usually from three to five months.

Call For More Information: (980) 277-5172

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