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Fulfilling The Pact For
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In the United States, we have a pact: We help those in need – the elderly, the disabled. It’s been a part of our national philosophy since day one. It’s why we started the Social Security Administration. It’s who we are. It’s in our blood. And when people cannot work because of a disability and need our help, it’s time to fulfill that pact. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen.

The process of getting disability benefits is challenging, from the initial application to appeals and hearings. At Disability Attorney Services, our job is to make the process easier. Whether you are just getting started or you have been denied benefits, we can help you move forward.

Our law firm is solely focused on helping people like you get necessary Social Security Disability benefits, and our record of successful outcomes stretches back across thousands of hearings and decades of practice. From our headquarters in Charlotte, we serve people in North Carolina and the surrounding states. Reach out to us for a free consultation today.

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What Our Clients Say

“The Disability Attorney Services is a real professional team who works well together and handles everything in a timely manner. I was well pleased and could not have asked for a better outcome than what the Disability Attorney Services team was able to do for me. The Disability Attorney Services exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend anyone to seek them out and have them handle their Social Security Disability claim.”

D. Edwards

“I have been trying for years to get my disability and kept getting turned down every time! And I was to the point of just giving up on it but I came around theses amazing people and today I received the best new EVER! The news I been trying to receive for YEARS! You will not be disappointed with the services they provide, if you are like me try them out TODAY!!!!!! THANK YOU GUYS”

D. Moore

“I would recommend Disability Attorney Services. They always stayed in contact with me and returned my phone calls and won my case quickly. The staff is amazing and so was my attorney.”

R. Harmon

“Jhen was terrific and fielded all my questions during the months previous to the hearing. I too have an anxiety disorder, among many physical issues, so I was anxious, but held out hope they knew what they were doing. Long story short, the hearing went well and I was approved. Gary Brown helped me understand what was going on during the hearing when I became confused. I would certainly recommend Gary Brown and his staff. They are experienced, well versed, and bottom line, they know what they are doing.”

G. Frazier

“Disability Attorney Services works for you. The staff is excellent Michelle and Jhenifir are there for everything you need if you call they have the answers. The attorney Gary Brown was excellent in my hearing. I was denied but they have fought with the appeals branches to get me squared away for disability. I would highly recommend their services not only do they care about your claim, they also care about the clients. This is a top firm!”

J. Sowell

With You Every Step Of The Way. For Real

While other law firms may ask you to fill out the initial application on your own and then contact them when you are denied, we’d prefer to help you avoid a denial in the first place. We encourage you to reach out to us as soon as possible. If you have not yet applied, our lawyers can help you avoid any pitfalls that might trigger a denial of your Social Security Disability claim.

If you have already applied and been denied, we will get to work on appealing the denial. Since we are laser-focused on Social Security Disability benefits, we know exactly how to navigate this process. We want to help you overcome the denial and get the benefits you need ASAP.

But what if the appeal is not successful? Some may say that’s the end of the road, but we disagree. We know that many truly disabled people are unjustly denied benefits, even at the appeals stage. Our law firm is among the few that are prepared to take cases to the next level – federal court. When we say we will stand by you through every step of the process, we mean it.